There are a number of reasons why clients choose us.

A Safe Pair of Hands

We have an in depth knowledge of UK employment legislation, including contract law, individual employment law rights, discrimination and equality law, family friendly legislation, collective labour law, and TUPE. We also have extensive experience in dealing with trade unions, employee relations problems and handling employment tribunals. We are a safe pair of hands.

Quality Tailored Service at a Competitive Price

We are keen and able to provide a quality service. Our services are tailored to suit the needs of the client and the problems that need resolving. Whether you simply need a contract of employment or more comprehensive support we can help you. In addition our services are delivered at a very competitive price and so clients are relieved of the burden of unduly high bills, particularly when compared to the cost of conventional legal services.

Client Focused and Understand Your Business

We are very focused on providing a solution for clients and on helping them achieve their objective. We are also keen on client care, and seek at all times to protect the client’s position. In addition we have extensive experience of working with clients across the full spectrum of commerce and industry. Our clients include SMEs and National Organisations. We understand the nature of different business environments and the varying needs of employers.

Complete Service

We are able to provide a complete service across the full range of employment law problems from advice on the rate of SSP to complex consultancy projects. In addition we are able to deal with employment tribunals on behalf of clients and so ensure continuity of service in the event claims are registered against you. Added to this we operate throughout the UK and so provide national coverage.